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 Immerse yourself in the captivating world of equine luxury through our gallery. Browse our stunning collection of high-end horseboxes, showcasing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance. Indulge in breathtaking designs, superior functionality, and uncompromising quality.

Blue Horsebox by Horse Vans

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Silver Horsebox by Horsevans
Horsebox with Divider

Adjustable Horse Divider

Traveling with a larger equine family? Do so easily with our adjustable horse dividers making plenty of room for each horse.

Mobile Tack Room in a Horse Van

Ample Tack Room Storage

We know every great equestrian must have the proper gear with them. Horse Vans provides you with large storage space to accomodate even the most gear-heavy equestrian.

PhotoRoom 20230804 145350
Luxury Tack Rooms

Luxury Tack Rooms

The greatest of equestrians will be able to wind down after their win with ease when sitting within the most luxurious mobile tackroom a horsebox can offer!

Mercedes-Benz Logo

Experience Horse Vans Luxury

Horse Vans prides itself on sophistication in the equestrian world. By seamlessly integrating Mercedes chassis into our horseboxes, we redefine equine transportation. With a commitment to delivering both safety and luxury, Horse Vans ensures that every journey becomes a lavish experience for both horse and rider.

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Saddle Storage

Save space and stay organized with our external storage housing saddle racks and/or briddle hooks!

Safety Windows for Horsebox

Heavy-Duty Window Protection

Ride with your mind at ease, knowing your horse is not only comfortably riding in luxury, but also has safe ventilation.


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